Terms of Conditions

The clients participating in ONLINE auctions organized by  ONLINE Müzayede ve Pazarlama  A.Ş  (named briefly “the Company”) readily accept the following conditions set by the Company.


1.             The Company acts as an intermediary for sellers and is legally entitled to receive a commission for the services rendered (named “Buyer’s Commission”). For international clients, the Export Buyer’s Premium is 20% for online art auctions (32% including VAT for non-export items), 22% for online numismatics, rare book, ephemera and philately auctions (24% including VAT for non-export rare books, 44% icluding VAT for non-export numismatics, ephemera and philately items). In case there is no indication of special commission rates for auctions in other areas,  the rate applied is 22% for exported items (44% for non-export items including VAT).

2.             The products sold in our auctions are examined by museum experts within the framework of the Cultural and Natural Entities Legislation No 2863 in Turkey and for any item under the Legislation is provided a document unless it is prohibited to sell.

3.             The customers wishing to participate in our online auctions must be a member of our website www.onlinemuzayede.com.

4.             Items/Lots in ONLINE auctions are displayed in our premises situated at Meşrutiyet Mahallesi, Hrant Dink Sok. Refik Bey apt 62/8 Şişli- Istanbul. The customers who participate in our auctions declare and accept that they have done enough research about the items for which they place bids. For clients, who live abroad we provide condition report if required.  Under any case, the clients readily accept Turkish Jurisdiction in case of a dispute and that they have researched enough for items before they place any bid in conformity with article No 223 of the legislation under Turkish Law of Obligations. There is no obligation to write “as is” on each item. Condition reports and all information published in our website are based on the opinion of professionals, however the clients accept in advance that the professionals and the company do not bear any responsibility or obligation for any of their given opinions. in the Company and does not represent a liability but general information. The participants accept this fact in advance. The purchasers accepts and declares that they will not submit any objections or claims to this effect. The Company have also the right do decline the bids of any client. The sales are not finalized before the auction is completed.

5.             The Customer is responsible and liable for the offer he made online electronically. Once the auction is completed, the purchaser cannot for any reason decline or refuse any part of her/his acquisition.

6.             The customers wishing to participate in our online auctions must register in our website. The passwords are personal and should not be shared with third parties. The Company declines all responsibility in case the password is used by someone else.

7.             Due to Turkish Financial Crime Law, the company will ask a copy of passport (copy of cover and pages with photo and identification information. with cover pages of passport with identification photo and information in case the customer makes a purchase.

8.             During registration, the customer can choose a nickname which is displayed on screen if the customer has currently the highest bid.

9.             The Company issues an invoice for purchased lots stating the name, surname and address of the buyer as indicated in the website membership registration. A written request is required if the customer asks change of buyer in the invoice. The Company has the right to decline the request. The original buyer accepts in advance that she/he will be still responsible for payment even if the Company accepts the change request.

10.          The purchaser must pay the full invoice amount within 15 days following the completion of the auction. The right for the Buyer’s Commission is born at the moment for any purchase at the completion of the auction. In case of late payment or non-payment The Company has the right to receive the Buyer’s Commission as well as any costs and losses including the sellers Commission with the interest allowed by the Turkish Commercial Law. In addition, the Company has also the right to charge 20 USD per lot per day for storage after 15 days from the completion date of the auction. The customer accepts in advance the jurisdiction of Turkish Courts.

11.          The Buyer bears the responsibility and the cost for the transportation of the purchased items. The Company can provide assistance in transportation, however the Company cannot be held liable for any damages late delivery or anything else regarding the transportation.

12.          The Company cannot be held legally responsible for items with shame unless the Company is informed in writing by the seller. The customer accepts in advance that legal responsibility in such cases is born fully by the seller.

13.          The Company has the right to withdraw any lot from the auction any time.

14.          Minors under 18 years are not allowed to participate in auctions organized by the Company. The company has the right to refuse or cancel the membership of questionable people, and dismiss them from the auction(s).

15.          The customers who participate in the online auctions declare that they readily accept all the conditions as well as their rights and obligations stated in this document. They also accept and declare that they will refrain from any default objections after the auction is completed.

16.          In case of errors in published information in the website of the Company, the corrections made by the Company will be accepted as valid.

17.          Any text or photographs published online on the Company’s website cannot be copied partly or completely without the prior consent of the Company.

18.          The company will not be accountable for changes or amendments concerning new legislations/taxes/tax rates published after the auction is completed.

19.          Before placing any bid  in  auction, customers resident abroad are responsible for checking the legislation concerning the export of items of interest out of 18. Turkey and their import into their country of residence, as well as taxes and transportation expenses involved. Customers residing abroad accept not to hold the Company responsible for any problem related to the export and import of purchased lots. In case of such a problem, the customers accepts in advance that they can not revoke any part of their purchase due to such problems.

20.          All customers of the Company declare that they have read and accepted the participation conditions above for the auctions of the Company.

21.          The Istanbul courts and  legal  enforcement agencies  are certified in case of any conflict and dissension regarding the above mentioned participation conditions.