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Strolling in Galata

Oil on canvas

80 x 70

2001, signed

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Yavuz Bozkurt

Yavuz Bozkurt

YAVUZ BOZKURT ( 1962 -   )

The artist was born in Ankara in 1962. Between 1982-1983, he was a special student of Turan Erol at the School of Political Sciences Press and Publishing. Between 1986-1990, he worked as a special student in the atelier of Oya Kınıklı and Esat Arpacı in the department of art education at Gazi University. He includes abstractions and snapshots in his landscapes in his paintings. His subjects are the images in nature from sunrise to sunset. He has created a financial resource for himself by spending most of his life making personal portraits. These also include wall works. From her experiences in this field, he came to the fore with the exhibition "We are Mustafa Kemal", which is the world's first largest personal painting exhibition in Kızılay Square. He also held many personal exhibitions and participated in many group exhibitions. He took part in the projects of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. His works are in various institutions and private collections. The starting point of the artist's understanding of painting was nature. Includes instantaneous images with abstractions in landscape works. Sketches are a part of his daily life for the artist, who works on observation-based preliminary works to create the infrastructure of the painting. The effect created by the reflections of daylight on objects constitutes the essence of his paintings. Especially the frames that remain in his memory in Ulus, Işıklar Street, Hisar area, Konya Street are the most important guests of his canvases. In the places where he distributed newspapers in his recent works, the intellectual women of that period were frequently featured.