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Mixed media on canvas

100 x 110

2012, signed

This work was published by Despina Tunber in Important Artists Volume I in the USA and was nominated for Dubai Global Art Awards.

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Şule Dincel Sarıkaya

Şule Dincel Sarıkaya


Şule Dincel was born in 1983 in Istanbul. She received awards in the field of painting and opened personal exhibitions. Dincel refused to receive academic education because she tought this would destroy her passion for art. In this way, from art to literature she wanted to advance by adding power to her art with her interests ranging from music to foreign languages ​​and even anatomy. Her 'absolute loneliness' in painting has been the greatest inspiration for her. While moving forward in her own movement "Marvelism"; she knows that she cannot achieve this even in her last picture. In Marvelism, story, character, colors and fiction are at the forefront; At the idea stage, starting from the "Flow of Consciousness" technique in literature, bringing together dozens of images from different places and times on the canvas. It remains committed to the visuals it references as much as it wants. Although Şule Dincel Sarıkaya's works are taken from real life, we observe that it consists of surrealist elements with its way of coming together and being portrayed. Besides a pessimistic, questioning and dark spirit; sometimes she reflects her inner world with different scenes with an optimistic perspective and irony.