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From the Sundown Series

50 x 50


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Behruz Kuul

Behruz Kuul

Behruz Kuul (1988-    )

Behruz Kuul (Bahruz Guliyev) was born in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic in 1988. His father Cemşid Guliyev's interest in fine arts created a fertile ground for the artist. 2005-2009 Studied at Nakhchivan State University Faculty of Fine Arts. After graduation, in 2010, he started working independently in the workshop allocated to him by the Nakhchivan Painters Association. In the same year, he was elected as a member of the Azerbaijan Painters Union. He participated in domestic and international exhibitions, competitions and festivals in 2010-2015.

Kuul moved to the Republic of Turkey in 2015, personal exhibitions layout in different regions of Turkey. Works of Azerbaijan, Turkey, Germany, Georgia, Russia, are kept in private collections in England and America, and has been working in the workshops of Istanbul and Bodrum.

For Kuul, his works go beyond their own mood as an artist and turn to third parties. He creates his paintings with the fact that urban life, which changes with the introduction of urban transformation with our lives, separates people from each other. In this new form of urbanization, the isolation brought about by the site life presented as a part of modernity shows itself in the works of Kuul with "secluded" houses and trees. In his rhythmic compositions, clouds are like a part of this seclusion, while the colours concentrated with the Impasto technique accentuate the sense of depth and increase the interaction.

Behruz Kuul; It reminds the transition of human psychology from imagination to symbolism by approaching the individual, social patterns and existentialist orientation with the method of romance.