Mehmet Güreli (1949 - ) Click for Artist Information

"References to Van Dyck"

Watercolor on carboard

30 x 22 cm


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Mehmet Gureli

Mehmet Gureli


Mehmet Güreli, who grew up in an artistic family environment and is a writer, musician, painter and director, was born in Istanbul in 1949. His elder brother is the painter Talat Güreli, and his uncle is the poet and essayist Salah Birsel. After completing his secondary education first at Istanbul Boys' High School, then at Austrian High School, and after completing his high school education at Yeni College and Ferhan College, he attended the Department of Philosophy at Istanbul Faculty of Letters for 2 years. During his student years, he also improved himself in the fields of journalism, music, painting, literature and cinematography. He wrote his first work in the field of literature, "Sıcak Bir Göz", in 1985. Two years later, he directed his first film called "Vapurlar". He has released six music albums since 1988. After trying out cartoons, he started painting.

Güreli admires the expressionist painters Henri Matisse, Paul Gauguin and Pierre Bonnard. The artist, who frequently uses oil painting and watercolor techniques, depicts original figures and various urban adventures by blending cinema and painting. While the faces and women painted by the artist speak to the viewers with a soft lyricism, the volatile colors of the watercolor he uses show the viewers short moments.

One of Turkey's most productive and successful painters, Güreli has opened more than twenty special exhibitions so far. The artist continues his work and life in Istanbul.