Nuri Battal (1962 - ) Click for Artist Information

"Abstract Composition"

Acrylic on canvas

100 x 100 cm

2022, signed

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Nuri Battal

Nuri Battal

NURİ BATTAL (1962 -  )

Nuri Battal was born in 1962. His interest in painting began at a young age. The second prize he received in the competition he participated in during his secondary education years increased his interest in art and focused on his studies. After completing his Medicine and Surgery education and doctorate program at Istanbul University, he took painting and plastic arts courses at the "College of Liberal Arts" in the United States in 1990, while working at the General Surgery Clinic of the University of Nevada. During his stay in America, he continued his painting studies and participated in group exhibitions. The artist, who went to Japan in 1995 upon the invitation of Kagawa University, participated in the painting and plastic arts traditional handicrafts program at the "Kagawa Perfecture Culter Center" for three years.

Battal, who participated in many group exhibitions at Takamatsu City Museum of Art and Kagawa Cultural Museum, opened personal exhibitions in the country and participated in many group exhibitions after returning to Turkey. In addition, the artist's works in sculpture form, on paper and canvas, are included in many local and foreign private collections. While Battal's paintings create the path to the whole by melting into colors and lines, his compositions are parallel to his character. The works, in which the themes of in-depth analysis, sharpness, contrast and harmony are at the forefront, are the transfer of a homogeneous approach on canvas.

Battal, whose works are included in many local and foreign collections, continues his work and life in Istanbul.